Megan Holstein
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Your greatest victories won’t be celebrated by cheering masses

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde

How do we judge the accomplishments of others? If you have a western sensibility, you probably judge the accomplishments of others according to how impressive they are according to a shared set of cultural standards about what it means to…

You don’t need many subscribers to get enough Kindle reviews

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When selling a Kindle book, having many good reviews to support your book is crucial. But getting reviews is a chicken-and-egg problem: You need reviews to sell your book, but you need people who bought your book to read and review it to have reviews.

If you have no mailing…

The activity we treat like an unpleasant afterthought is an uncompromising biological need

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We all know we should be getting more (and better) sleep than we are, but we aren’t really sure why. What does sleep do? What does it mean for sleep to be high quality? And for god’s sake, what kind of mattress should I buy?

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the…

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