Megan Holstein

Stop thanking the universe and start thanking yourself.

My beloved and almost-full gratitude journal. Photo by author.

You’re familiar with gratitude journaling. You practice gratitude journaling regularly — or at least, you know you could benefit from trying it.

For several years now, my regular habit of gratitude journaling has made my life happier. In my gratitude journal, I express gratitude for the big things, like major…

Stop worrying about your writing and start writing

Photo by from Pexels

There are a lot of articles by writers, for writers, in which a writer reflects on how their “writing career” is going. They comment on how many articles they’ve published that month, how much money they made, and talk about what they think they’re missing on their “writing journey.”


Learning how to take criticism will make you loving and kind

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Everyone hates getting criticized. When you get criticized, it’s often the worst part of your day. You spend all day beating yourself up for how you failed. Or you start coming up with reasons why the person you criticized isn’t worth listening to anyway. Either way, you’re in a terrible…

These withdrawal symptoms trick you into thinking social media makes your life better

Photo by Jeremy Levin from Pexels

Whenever you quit an addiction, you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. We equate withdrawal symptoms with quitting physiological drug addictions, but withdrawal symptoms exist for behavioral addictions as well. People can get withdrawal symptoms from quitting shopping, gambling, stealing… and from quitting social media as well.

That being said…

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