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Megan Holstein

Personal Confession

There is no shortcut to emotional intelligence (unfortunately for me)

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Some people write to make money, some people write because they love writing. Both kinds of writers need the same skills to succeed.

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  1. You want to pursue an artistic passion. You love writing. You love telling my stories. You love meeting other writers and being part of a beautiful storytelling community. You’re not interested in “making money.” (But if money comes your way, you won’t turn it down!)
  2. You want to start a side hustle. You love writing, of course, but you also want to get paid to write. …

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Your preconceived ideas about writing are probably holding you back

No one has “an alcohol problem” because there is no such thing as a healthy drinker who does not.

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  1. Alcohol is just a thing. It’s people who choose to use alcohol.
  2. Some people choose to use alcohol to the degree that it damages their life. …

Your life may have some problems, but you can let yourself relax

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Labeling things as “good” or “bad” can keep you stuck in your symptoms

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“Love is the absence of judgment.”
Dalai Lama XIV

Some free-form thoughts on spending years without social media

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These simple mindsets will get you through tough times

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Give Yourself a Break From Worrying

Feeling stuck in life? Get un-stuck by trying something new.

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#1: Content Blockers

I didn’t have an “alcohol problem” because it’s alcohol that’s the problem, not me.

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Megan Holstein

Personal growth writer & author ✺ seeking truth ✺

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