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Megan Holstein
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Life is precious and we only get one shot at it. Nevertheless, a lot of people spend their life merely passing the time rather than making the most of the short time they have left.

Young people are especially guilty of this — we are in the springtime of our lives. If ever there was a time to plant a tree, it’s now. Yet most of us don’t do that. Young people spend their time partying, eating junk food, and taking vacations rather than reading, building new skill sets, building healthy habits, and investing in themselves.

Are you merely passing…

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No tips, tricks, or hacks. Here’s how the pros do it.

I’ve been writing for Medium full-time since the start of 2020. (What a bad time to start blogging full-time, let me tell you). It’s been my full-time job to figure out how Medium works: to figure out what makes articles get views, what makes them go viral, what makes them profitable — in short, to find out what makes Medium tick.

Here’s the two-step foolproof formula I’ve discovered to making loads of money on Medium:

  1. Write a good article.
  2. Repeat.

It’s not complicated. There’s no clever keyword research you can do to break through the Medium algorithm. You can’t hire…

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Your life isn’t ruined (even if it feels like it sometimes)

Despite the increasing level of awareness and activism around major mental health issues, it is still hellaciously difficult to live with one.

The day you get diagnosed often feels like a great day. Finally! I know what’s wrong with me now! But that great day gives way to the sobering reality that we can expect our mental health challenges to stick around.

Lots of people get discouraged by this. They believe their lives are forever limited by their diagnoses. My diagnosis is Borderline Personality Disorder, and there are many people out there who claim BPD is incurable. They say everyone…

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The term “natural athlete” reinforces fatphobia and ableism. Athletes are made, not born.

My father always referred to me, both when I was growing up and now as an adult, as a “natural athlete.” I’ve never understood why he keeps saying it, especially since I’m not exactly an impressive athlete.

  • I quit the track team in high school despite being a high performer on the 100-meter dash because I found running even one mile for warm-ups too unpleasant.
  • During my competitive golfing career, I could never drive more than 200 yards despite having a technically ideal swing similar to that of Tiger Woods.
  • I once almost drowned swimming no more than a few…

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This 3-step process makes prolific reading freaking easy

When I tell people I read 75 books a year, their response is usually “Wow, that a lot of books!” They tell me they’re not ‘the kind of person’ who reads that much.

That used to be me. I wasn’t ‘the kind of person’ who read much either. 75 books a year sounded like a lot of books to me too. But a few years ago I decided I wanted to be the kind of person who reads, so I became one.

And you know what? It was surprisingly easy. …

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Believing these misconceptions will cost you years of progress and uncountable lost profits

One of the hardest parts about building a career as a blogger is definitely the amount of bad advice out there about how to be a blogger. People run a blog for six months, make a few thousand, then announce to the world “Hey, y’all, here’s how you run a blogging business!!”

Last time I checked, people need more than a few thousand dollars to go full-time with work, so I’m willing to bet most of these people dispensing advice about how to build a blogging business have not actually done so. …

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Two and a half years without social media made a powerful difference

Four years ago, I was a social media addict. I spent the equivalent of a full-time job checking my Instagram and Tumblr accounts. Over the course of a year, I transitioned from social media addict to a social media skeptic. Then, two and a half years ago, I deleted every single social media account I had.

It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Seriously. As a productivity and self-help writer, I’m supposed to be some kind of “expert” on productivity. But of all the productivity research I’ve done, psychology studies I’ve studied, and self-help books I’ve read…

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Most people have no idea how to let themselves feel

For the first 25 years of my life, I did not know how to let myself feel.

I thought I did. When I experienced a feeling, I was more than happy to go along with whatever impulse accompanied the feeling.

  • When I was studying and felt tired, I didn’t force myself to study. I went to bed.
  • When I was uncomfortable in a job, I didn’t force myself to perform at a job I didn’t enjoy. I quit the job.
  • When a partner said something that hurt my feelings, I didn’t swallow my feelings or ignore them. …

Photo by Christopher Czermak on Unsplash

Rome fell for a lot of reasons, but moral excess wasn’t one of them

Back when I was a Republican, something I heard pretty often was the phrase “Rome fell because of decadence.” There were variations, of course, like “Rome fell because her people became sinful” and “Rome fell because her bureaucrats became corrupt.” The general theme of the argument is that Rome became big, powerful, and wealthy, and the wealth and power drove Roman leaders and citizens alike to more selfish, pleasure-driven, and generally sinful lifestyles, which then quickly corrupted the Roman empire and collapsed them from within. …

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You won’t see these beauty tips in Cosmopolitan

Most beauty tips strike me as vain and financially foolish. They focus on certain methods for applying makeup, styling hair, or other superficial aspects of beauty. But physical bodies are more than just window dressing. It takes more than some superficial quick fixes to have a body that is beautiful both inside and out.

True beauty tips work like investing money in the stock market. It takes a bit of time and energy upfront to build good beauty habits — but once they are built, they pay dividends that last.

I would be denying reality if I told you beauty…

Megan Holstein

Doing my best to write stories that make people’s lives better ✺

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