A few years ago, I lost a bunch of weight after suffering some health issues. It was not healthy. I was not lithe thin, I was frail thin. Walking up and down stairs tired me out. I couldn’t run a quarter of a mile, lift anything of substance.

I spoke to friends about how miserable I was in my weak body, how I fought like the dickens to stuff calories down my throat so I could gain weight.

They’d remember their extra weight, and their eyes would turn green with envy. “That kinda sucks,” they’d say, “but at least you’re thin.” The message was clear: To be thin, sick and weak was better than being strong, energetic, and having 20 extra pounds.

I’m ten pounds ‘overweight’ now. It’s the first time I’ve had extra body fat in my life, and it’s amazing.

When my mom found out, she said I was getting pudgy and needed to lose some weight.

fat phobia hurts all of us. Thank you for writing.

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Personal growth writer & author ✺ seeking wisdom ✺

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