Even before reading it, I’m excited about the topic.

As I read this, I think of my own life. I have been going through the same transition, deleting social media accounts, restricting people to text and email, and displaying a preference for voice phone calls.

> introspective thought about how social media works for you as a communication tool — overall, does it enrich or diminish the message?

Exactly the question I’ve been pondering. The conclusion I came to is that in the majority of circumstances, it diminishes the message. Do you have the experience I have that conversation feels more real when it’s a text message versus social media, even though social media is a ‘richer’ medium.

> Are you trying to establish a genuine connection or are you just trying to sell something?

For most people, the question might be are you trying to establish a genuine question or promote yourself. Many people while not consciously selling are attempting to promote themselves emotionally via their accounts.

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