Before you read this response, I want to let you know that I have been following your writing for a while now and typically enjoy your work a lot!

But, I can’t help but notice a glaring contradiction in this article.

The title and central thesis of your article is that “poor people don’t have the privilege of tidying up (i.e. getting rid of things) because they can’t afford to.”

But you also acknowledge hoarders — the class of people who most need to throw stuff away — are overwhelmingly poor!

How is it that poor people can’t financially afford to discard, and yet hoarders, a subset of poor people, so desperately need to?

The fact that poor hoarders exist leads one to believe that poor people are generally capable of over-accumulating. And if poor people are capable of over-accumulating like the rest of us, they are just as in need of tidying as the rest of us.

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