I was about to say “Excuse me, I had a real disorder,” but then I kept reading and saw you were referring to a physiological abnormality.

Edge cases like this do exist, but I’m reluctant to give them too much attention because, in my experience, people with mental illnesses are quick to say “my case is an edge case, nothing will work for me,” when in reality they merely haven’t found their breakthrough yet.

Individually, I get why people despair of finding a cure. Having a chronic or intractable mental illness is a hell all it’s own. But this mindset of “nothing will help me” seems to be on the rise and I don’t know why. I suspect it is due somewhat to the societal raising of awareness about mental illness; we’re re-casting mental illness as illness and not a personal failing. This is good, but I think it’s caused us, as a society, to move from an internal to an external locus of control with respect to treating mental illness. I think this is part of the reason we’re seeing a rise in both diagnoses and prescriptions for mental illness.

Bear in mind, these are just my personal theories, I haven’t verified them with studies or research or anything like that (:

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Personal growth writer & author ✺ seeking wisdom ✺ www.meganeholstein.com

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