I’ve done some research on this on my own, and what I’ve found is in agreement with what you’ve found, except for one interesting point; attractive women are appraised as less intelligent and confident. Pretty women tend to be passed over for less pretty women for promotions and work accolades.

That’s not to say pretty women don’t garner advantages for being pretty, but the advantages for pretty women are offset by other disadvantages. To combat this, some professional women even cut their hair short to increase their perceived competency in the workplace.

Anecdotally, this has been my experience. When I present more masc, with short hair and men’s clothes, people are less kind and courteous and generous with me — I do not get doors held open as often, fewer compliments, etc. — but more respect at work. When I present femme, with long hair and girly clothes to boot, the opposite is true. Storekeepers offer me steep discounts on products for little to no reason, men are eager to speak to me, but far fewer people comment on my intelligence and competency.

People should be judged by their actions, not their appearance.

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