Kitty, I will admit that I made a personal commitment not to write about how much I make unless someone specifically requests it because of exactly this phenomenon:

That thing is this: when you write, blog, vlog, post, share, create a following by telling other people how to make money just like you did, this is the thing that makes you make all of that money. (Jenny Justice)

When you’re making a significant portion of your money on Medium teaching people how to make money on Medium, you’re no longer really connected to the thing they’re trying to do in the first place.

But when Jenny says:

Some of them say the same thing over and over, with a new title, at least three times a week.

I mean… yeah. I was going to say I’m one of those people, but then I went and looked over my headlines and realized they’re not as similar as I fear, not as similar as what you’re getting at here.

Why the hard sell? Is this coming out of the goodness of their hearts or is that some bizarre marketing campaign?

I admit I’ve wondered that too. The Medium writers I like and trust write “I made this much on Medium pieces” (and I love that) and their take is usually more like “hey, I made this much, and it worked for me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean what worked for me will work for you, but I still think you can do it!”

I tend to believe it comes from the goodness of their hearts because I’ve been accused to-my-face of hard-selling Medium and I have nothing to sell. I just get extremely excited about Medium. The writing about Medium I have done has been directly inspired by questions from my own readers.

I get so excited about Medium and get so many questions about it, in fact, that I’ve thought maybe I should make my own ebook/course… but then I remember there are literally already dozens and I have nothing particularly new to add to that landscape and I’m not even that prominent on Medium. Then I thought if I ever find one I like that has an affiliate program, I’ll join that. (Key: that I really like and think is worth the money. Not just for the sake of selling.) If I’m going to be hawking Medium over email all the live-long day anyway, you know?

$50 for an e-book?! Was it published by an academic press? Because that’s expensive for an e-book but not as expensive as an e-course about how to make money on Medium that costs 10 x that. More than likely, the one I came across isn’t the only one out there either.

Nope, independently published. I have no love lost for academic or traditional publishers. It’s not a textbook, it’s a handbook. Here’s a link. (not affiliate, haha)

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