Since it’s been a few months, I can actually address this with the benefit of lived experience.

You’re right, but not because of the money. I got a job that raised my salary drastically. I am considering moving out. BUT — not because of the money. It’s because I want a place that is not 30 minutes from my job (it makes sense to live near the place you spend the majority of your waking hours) and because I am now dating someone and would like to hang out at my place with him, instead of always being at his.

I’m not spending that much time with them anymore. It does eat at me. But I’m coming to realize that living at the pace of my parents life is preventing me from living mine; not because old people are stodgy, or whatever, but that’s a natural concequence of being in different phases of life.

Also, I’m coming to realize I want different things from life than they do. If I continue to spend the bulk of my time with them, I’m living life the way they do, which is not the way I want to anymore.

(At the time of writing, I did have friends I enjoyed the company of regularly. Living with my parents didn’t prevent that).

But realizing all this is breaking my heart. In order to get what I want out of life, I am going to have to ‘leave them behind.’ It’s very tempting to forfeit the things I want, which all seem so superficial (travel, be a famous writer, etc) and stay nearby to support the family.

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