Thank you for taking the time to leave a response! Your words are very kind (:

I was referring to the SE of a few years ago. It was a 5S repackaged, and it had a terrible processor. I missed their announcement from last year. This new, modern SE looks like a very capable phone.

That's what I meant by serious phone -- I couldn't imagine drafting an article on the SE from a few years ago.

But I still want the 12 mini because it's got an edge to edge screen. And it's mini! And I like it! I don't really have a more decent reason than that.

Look, I love tech. I used to be one of those people who owned the best Macbook Pro and the best iPad w/ Pencil and the best and biggest iPhone and the best AirPods and the best Sony headphones and...

Now it's just me and an older iPhone X and a base model 12" Macbook from 2017. It's core m3, for god's sake.

So yeah, sue me. I'm spending a little more for a phone with unnecessary features because it's cute mini-ness makes me happy. (: I'm a minimalist, not a monk.

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my article. It was a pleasure reading your response.

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