Thank you for your thoughtful response. I can see why you felt it was clickbait. I didn't write it specifically to take advantage of launch timing, but I did write it because the launch made me very excited about the 12 mini and I figured "what the hell, why not write about it."

Honestly, I didn't even see the latest SE announcement last year. I wasn't paying any attention. When I was considering buying an SE several years ago, it WAS a glorified 5S. Terrible processor. This new one looks much more capable, though.

Even if I had seen the announcement, I probably wouldn't have gone for it because my iPhone X was not acting up then.

And between the latest SE and the 12 mini, I'm going to go with the mini. I'm excited for how small the device is, how big the screen is in comparison, and I do use a lot of phone processing power for some reason (which is weird, because I use no social media, no games, no email, etc. but whatever)

In any case, thank you for taking the time to respond. It's always great to hear from readers (: It was a pleasure reading your response.

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